• Success Stories

    • Albert: Determined to Get Back Home
      Jan 17, 2017
      Albert was admitted to Kindred Hospital from a general hospital to help him wean from the ventilator and begin rehabilitation therapy. He suffered from several pulmonary and... Read More
    • Connie: Exercising Her Way Back to Healthy
      Aug 14, 2014
      Connie was originally admitted to a traditional hospital on May 13 after being found unresponsive by family. She was put on mechanical ventilation, required a tracheotomy and... Read More
    • Gary: Back on Track
      Aug 14, 2014
      Admitting Diagnosis: Multi-trauma following motor vehicle accidentAdmission Date: 4/4/11Discharge Date: 7/15/11Discharge Location: Home with familyGary, 39, was admitted to... Read More
    • Janet: Healed by Wound Care
      Aug 14, 2014
      Janet was admitted to a traditional hospital in April with claudication pain in her right leg. She has a history of difficulty in healing from surgical incisions.She came to... Read More
    • Mr. C: Learning to Care for Himself
      Aug 14, 2014
      Mr. C came to Kindred Hospital San Antonio on 8/1/2013 for ventilator weaning and continued care following hospitalization in July for severe intestinal bleeding which led to... Read More
    • Mrs. J: Independence Regained
      Aug 14, 2014
      Mrs. J, 70, came to Kindred Hospital San Antonio after hospitalization in a short-term acute care hospital for a brain aneurysm that ruptured. She had undergone a craniotomy... Read More
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